March 20, 2020


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GREA goes virtual, offers discounts in wake of COVID-19


Pursuant to the order of Governor Wolf (Governor Wolf’s Order), all non-life sub-staining businesses must cease physical operations immediately.


From this point forward in compliance with the Governor’s order we will be conducting virtual only operations for the foreseeable future.


We are able to offer the following virtual services: Desktop Appraisals, Desktop Reviews, Drive By Appraisals.


What is a Desktop Appraisal or Review:  The term “desktop appraisal” is commonly understood to indicate an appraisal that is performed without the appraiser making any inspection of the subject property.


The adjective “desktop” indicates the appraiser is completing the appraisal assignment using the information that is available at the appraiser’s desk. Information about the subject property’s relevant physical characteristics may be gathered by an inspector and sent to the appraiser, or the appraiser may be responsible for researching the subject property’s relevant characteristics using public records or other readily available sources.


A “Desktop Review” is the same principal, in which the appraiser reviews a prior appraisal given the same information about the subject property.


A “Drive By” inspection is an expanded desktop appraisal in which the appraiser drives past the subject property, not exiting the vehicle.  This enables the appraiser to get a visual idea of the exterior condition of the subject property and surrounding neighborhood as visible from the road.


We are uniquely equipped to provide these services, due to our 40+ years of experience.  This gives us a solid foundation to provide a valuation without physically inspecting the property.



If you order one of these services, without interior inspection, then decide to order an interior inspection at a later date we will work with you at that time to discount the interior inspection accordingly.


We support our essential services personnel as well as those affected by the national disaster and will be offering a temporary 10% discount for all healthcare workers, restaurant workers,  and retail workers. We realize in these difficult times many homeowners in these industries may need to refinance to meet financial obligations.   We will continue to offer our 10% discount to first responders, military, and veterans.


The health of our community is very important to us. Thank you for understanding.