June 8, 2016


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Spending the money up front to have a property appraised that you are considering purchasing could save you a considerable amount of time and money. A professional appraisal will give you a clear view of the properties current market value as of the day of the inspection. The report will address any deferred maintenance that may have to be cured for financing and will also address any other issues that may affect the value or marketability of the property like external obsolescence (commercial/industrial businesses in the neighborhood, abandoned houses, located on a heavily traveled road, etc.) or environmental issues or concerns (wetlands, chemical waste sites, underground storage tanks, etc.) The report will indicate if the property meets HUD/FHA minimal property standards and if the property is eligible for FHA financing.

Did you know depending on the lender it may be possible to use your pre-purchase appraisal for obtaining a mortgage for the property?

We can offer a professional appraisal report along with representing you as a Buyer’s agent in suggesting an offering price.

Ready to make an offer on your dream home?  Know what its worth, Order an appraisal today!